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Reginald in Russia and Other Sketches

Read by NoelBadrian


Reginald in Russia is the title story in a collection of fifteen witty and satirical stories, sketches and one "playlet" by that m…

The Works of Guy de Maupassant, Volume 3: The Viaticum and Other Stories

Read by James K. White

Guy de Maupassant

This is volume is a collection of 50 of de Maupassant's short stories. Summary by James K. White.

To Be a Pilgrim

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

John Bunyan

From John Bunyan's classic, The Pilgrim's Progress, we find the poem To Be a Pilgrim, an inspiring reminder of who we are in Christ. This wa…

Uncollected Short Stories of L.M. Montgomery

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Lucy Maud Montgomery

A compilation of 80 short stories by the author of "Anne of Green Gables" that were not previously published in a book or in one o…

Buch der Lieder

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Heinrich Heine

Nicht ohne Befangenheit übergebe ich der Lesewelt den erneueten Abdruck dieses Buches. Es hat mir die größte Überwindun…

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Collection Vol. 001

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A collection to celebrate Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's 200th birthday, on 27th February, 2007.

Wounds In The Rain; War Stories

Read by David Wales

Stephen Crane

Eleven stories of war by the author of The Red Badge of Courage. Stephen Crane was an American author. He is recognized by modern critics …

Leaves of Grass (version 2)

Read by Foon

Walt Whitman

In honour of Walt Whitman's 200th birthday (31 May 2019) we bring you a solo recording of his seminal work Leaves of Grass.Originally publis…

단편 소설 (Short Stories)

Read by Eun Ju Choi

Do-Hyang Na

한국 소설가 나도향의 소설 중 젊은이의 시절(1922), 별을 안거든 우지나 말걸(1922), 옛날 꿈은 창백하더이다(1922) 세 단편을 엮은 모음집입니다. (요약 최은주) This collection of three short stories by …

Bola de sebo

Read by Epachuko

Guy de Maupassant

Cuento largo o novela breve, que supuso el primer texto con cierto éxito del maestro Guy de Maupassant. Durante la guerra franco-prus…

The King in Yellow (Version 2)

Read by Eva Staes

Robert W. Chambers

A collection of stories that inspired the works of many writers such as HP Lovecraft, "The King in Yellow" revolves around the pla…

A Selection of Divine Poems

Read by Nathan

John Donne

John Donne was an English Jacobean preacher, sometime lawyer, later in life a Member of Parliament and Royal Chaplain. Marrying for love aga…

The Dwarf's Chamber And Other Stories

Read by David Wales

Fergus Hume

Short Stories by Fergus Hume, a prolific English novelist. - Summary by Wikipedia

The Bet and Other Stories

Read by David Wales

Anton Chekhov

Thirteen short stories by the master. Summary by david wales

The Stoneground Ghost Tales

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Edmund Gill Swain

The Stoneground Ghost Tales is a collection of nine short stories set in and around a church and parish on the edge of England's fen country…

Stories Weird and Wonderful

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Joyce Emmerson Muddock

A collection of tales written by J.E. Muddock. All these stories are dark in atmosphere and subject matter.

Los mil y un fantasmas, vol. 2

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Alexandre Dumas

En este segundo volumen de "Los mil y un fantasmas" Dumas comparte una historia que, en su lecho de muerte le confesó su ma…

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Read by David Wales

Edward Everett Hale

This is a collection of ten Christmas Stories, some of which have been published before. I have added a little essay, written on the occasio…

Coletânea de Leandro Gomes de Barros

Read by Miramontes

Leandro Gomes De Barros

Leandro Gomes de Barros é considerado por alguns como o primeiro escritor brasileiro de literatura de cordel, tendo escrito mais de 2…

Judith Lee - Pages From Her Life

Read by Alan Winterrowd

Richard Marsh

Judith Lee is a young woman with an unusual gift, she can read lips at a distance as well as she can hear the person next to her. Her skill …

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