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The World’s Story Volume XIII: The United States

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Eva March Tappan

This is the thirteenth volume of the 15-volume series of The World’s Story: a history of the World in story, song and art, edited by Eva Mar…

A History of the Papacy from the Great Schism to the Sack of Rome, Volume I

Read by Pamela Nagami

Mandell Creighton

Volume I of the "History of the Papacy" by the Anglican Lord Bishop of London, Mandell Creighton, deals with the popes, princes, a…

The Ukrainians and the European War

Read by LibriVox Volunteers


The WWI (European war) for Ukrainians was the hope of its nation unity and freedom from Austria-Hungary but mostly from Russian Empire. Gali…

Charles II

Read by Pamela Nagami

Osmund Airy

This engaging book is an inestimable resource for any student of the merry monarch, Charles II. "Odd's fish," he said "I am a…

A History of Our Own Times From the Accession of Queen Victoria to the General …

Read by Pamela Nagami

Justin Mccarthy

The fourth and concluding volume of this history of Victorian Britain opens with the brutal repression in 1865 of a rebellion by ex-slaves i…

My Story of the Civil War and the Under-Ground Railroad

Read by J Denning

Marvin Benjamin Butler

Story of the Civil War as told by a private soldier's perspective of daily routines, challenges, anxieties, skirmishes, battle. (summary by …

Combat Lessons Number 1: Rank And File In Combat: What They're Doing, How They …

Read by David Wales

United States Army War College

This 1942 Army manual, published during the course of World War II, consists of quotations from soldiers in the field concerning their exper…

Over Here and Over There

Read by MaryAnn

Harry Zody

In publishing this book I have no intention whatsoever to offer a work of great literary value. As such it would undoubtedly be a failure, …

State of the Union Addresses by United States Presidents (1845 - 1848)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

James K. Polk

The State of the Union address is a speech presented by the President of the United States to a joint session of the United States Congress,…

Antietam National Battlefield, Maryland

Read by David Wales

Frederick Herman Tilberg

The American Civil War battle at Antietam, Maryland,(called Sharpsburg by the Confederacy) on 17 September 1862, has been called the bloodie…

The Irish Nuns at Ypres: An Episode of the War

Read by David Wales

Dame M. Columban

“…I have charged Dame M. Columban to give a detailed account of all that has befallen the Community, since the coming of the Germans to Ypre…

The Life of Thomas, Lord Cochrane, Tenth Earl of Dundonald, Vol 2

Read by Timothy Ferguson

Henry Richard Fox Bourne

Lord Cochrane was a Napoleonic-era sea captain, whose adventures were the source material for many popular series of naval fiction. He start…

McClellan's Own Story

Read by Mike Manolakes

George Brinton Mcclellan and George Brinton McClellan

Memoirs of General George Brinton McClellan, commanding general of the Army of the Potomac during the early years of the American Civil War.…

Project Horizon: Establishment of a Lunar Outpost

Read by KevinS

United States Army

The US national policy on space includes the objective of developing and exploiting this Nation's space capability as necessary to achieve n…

Strange Stories Of The Civil War

Read by David Wales


Here are twelve narratives of some events in the American Civil War, most told by a participant or contemporary observer. - Summary by David…

Above the French Lines

Read by KevinS

Stuart Walcott

A collection of letters written by Stuart Walcott while training to be an aviator in France to prepare for combat. Walcott died in his first…

Gun Running for Casement

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Karl Spindler

Sir Roger David Casement was a British public servant renowned for his Congo Report (1904) and his Putumayo Report (1912) both of which expo…

Jane Austen's Sailor Brothers

Read by Bryn Roberts

Edith Hubback Brown

"Jane Austen's Sailor Brothers" by Edith & John Hubback is a biography that explores the lives of Jane Austen's two sailor bro…

Memories of the Civil War

Read by Ciufi Galeazzi

Henry B. James

Henry B James enlisted in the Union Army at the age of 20, and fought in many of the key battles of the Civil War. Thirty years later, he wr…

The Winnowing Fan: Poems On The Great War

Read by David Wales

Robert Laurence Binyon

This little gem of a book contains twelve poems about World War I. There is more to it than its intrinsic value as verse. Edward Elgar (18…

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