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The Cave Twins

Read by Bhavya

Lucy Fitch Perkins

Lucy Perkins has given us many books featuring twins that give a child insight into different cultures and countries. In this one she explai…

Five Children and It (Version 5)

Read by Bhavya

E. Nesbit

The book follows the journey of five children who discover a mysterious creature (called by them as It) who grants them their wishes. Join i…

Glimpses of Bengal

Read by Bhavya

Rabindranath Tagore

The book is a selection of letters written by Tagore, in various places in Bengal, India.

Such a Sweet Old Lady

In The Doves' Nest and Other Stories

Read by Bhavya

Katherine Mansfield

The Doves' Nest and Other Stories is a collection of complete stories and fragments by the writer Katherine Mansfield. The book was publishe…

Chapter 2. The Princess Loses Herself

In The Princess and the Goblin (Dramatic Reading)

Read by Bhavya

George MacDonald

The story of a Princess named Irene, and her adventure with a boy named Curdie Peterson. Princess Irene meets her grandmother, and Irene wan…

A Bitter-sweet Reunion

In Sentimental Education

Read by Bhavya

Gustave Flaubert

Sentimental Education (French: L'Éducation sentimentale, 1869) is a novel by Gustave Flaubert, that is considered one of the most inf…

Chapter 3

In A Book of Whales

Read by Bhavya

Frank Evers Beddard

A Book of Whales is a natural history of whales for the layman. - Summary by A. Gramour