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Blotted Out

Read by Howard Skyman

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

The story about a young man who immigrates to the US and is contacted by a mysterious woman. - Summary by Howard Skyman

Owen Clancy's Run Of Luck

Read by Howard Skyman

Burt L. Standish

Owen Clancy befriends a lad he saves from peril. He and his friend foil a nefarious plot. - Summary by Howard Skyman

The Golden Chimney: A Boy's Mine

Read by Howard Skyman

Elizabeth Gerberding

Ben Ralston regrets that he was born 40 years too late to take advantage of the California Gold Rush. Opportunities are dwindling, but for a…

Bob Bowen Comes To Town

Read by Howard Skyman

Henry James O'Brien Bedford-Jones

Bob Bowen is a free spirited young man who likes to take chances. However after a chance meeting on a train with a high stakes mining stock …

Chapter VII The Green Curse

In The Dream Doctor

Read by Howard Skyman

Arthur B. Reeve

The Dream Doctor is a compilation of detective stories featuring Professor Craig Kennedy, a Sherlock-like character who uses his scientific …

The Letter

In The Yarn of Old Harbour Town

Read by Howard Skyman

William Clark Russell

This novel opens in 1805, during the Napoleonic Wars between England and France. A retired sailor, Captain Acton, reminisces about his time …

The Purple Emperor: Part II

In The Mystery Of Choice

Read by Howard Skyman

Robert W. Chambers

The Mystery of Choice is a collection of short horror stories written by Robert W. Chambers. The stories, set in France, are known for their…

The Kidnappers Foiled

In Billy Whiskers at the Circus

Read by Howard Skyman

Frances Trego Montgomery

What better place for a little goat to find adventures and mischief than a circus? What is an elephant's trunk anyway? But the circus can …

The Real Thing

In The Twin Mystery

Read by Howard Skyman

Nicholas Carter

Nick Carter is a fictional detective who first appeared in 1886 in dime store novels. Over the years, different authors, all taking the nom …