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Constance Naden

Naden's sonnets have topics as diverse as astronomy, classical mythology and Shakespeare's birthplace. This collection is taken from Naden's…


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Theodore Wratislaw

Theodore Wratislaw was a fin de siècle poet and a less famous Decadent author than some of his contemporaries. This short collection…

On a Grey Thread

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Elsa Gidlow

On a Grey Thread was first published in 1923, one of the first books of openly lesbian love poetry to be published in the United States. Her…

The Diwan

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Zeb-un-Nissa was a poet and Mughal princess. This collection includes 50 of her compositions and a dedicatory poem by the translator and was…

The Wind Among the Reeds (Version 2)

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William Butler Yeats

The Wind Among the Reeds was first published in 1899 and features short, personal lyrics on subjects such as Irish legends and personal rela…

Chants for Socialists

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William Morris

As well as being influential in the Arts and Crafts Movement and writing numerous poems and novels, William Morris was deeply involved in po…

Selected Poems

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Arthur Hugh Clough

During his short but eventful life, Arthur Hugh Clough wrote poems on subjects as varied as religious doubt, European politics and social in…


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Adelaide Crapsey

Adelaide Crapsey's experimental poetry included her creation of the cinquain. This recording was taken from the posthumously published and e…

Machine-Room Chants

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Tom Maguire

Tom Maguire was a trade union organiser from Yorkshire of Irish descent whose poetry reflects his socialist beliefs. This volume was publish…


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Elinor Jenkins

Elinor Jenkins was a British poet whose published work focuses largely on the First World War. This volume, based on her collection publishe…

Hawaiian Hilltop

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Genevieve Taggard

Genevieve Taggard was an American poet, teacher and socialist. This collection was first published in 1923 and deals with topics such as pe…

Pearl (Weston translation)

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The Gawain Poet and The Gawain Poettranslated Byjessie Laidlay Weston

Pearl is a structurally complex mediaeval poem that combines narrative, allegory, dream vision, elegy, affirmation of Christian faith and me…


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Cordelia Ray

Cordelia Ray was a Black author and teacher. This volume contains 12 of her poems and was first published in 1893. - Summary by Newgatenovel…

A Calendar of Sonnets (Version 3)

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Helen Hunt Jackson

Helen Hunt Jackson wrote poetry, nonfiction and fiction and was a popular author in her own time. This sonnet sequence reviews the months of…


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Stella Benson

Twenty, Stella Benson’s first poetry collection, was first published in 1918. It deals with topics such as personal independence, the First …

Later Poems

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Alice Meynell

Alice Meynell was a British poet and suffragist. This collection was published in 1902 and explores the author’s Catholic faith as well as t…

Poesies from Abroad

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Florence Henniker

Florence Henniker was a British poet and novelist whose ‘Poesies from Abroad’ was first published in Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine in Septe…

For Eager Lovers

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Genevieve Taggard

Genevieve Taggard was an American poet, teacher and socialist. This collection was first published in 1922 and deals with topics such as pe…

Hush'd Be the Camps Today read by EL

In Hush'd Be the Camps Today

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Walt Whitman

LibriVox readers bring you 16 readings of Hush'd Be the Camps Today by Walt Whitman, in honor of the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's…

Marriage Thoughts: By Morsellin Khan

In Short Poetry Collection 153

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Laurence Hope

This is a collection of 29 poems read by LibriVox volunteers for February 2016.

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