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In The Pilgrims' Way from Winchester to Canterbury

Read by Philip Wagner

Julia Mary Cartwright

"This account of the Way trodden by the pilgrims of the Middle Ages through the South of England to the shrine of St. Thomas of Canterb…

The Man Who Went Too Far

In Short Ghost and Horror Collection 041

Read by Philip Wagner

E. F. Benson

A collection of twenty stories featuring ghoulies, ghosties, long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night. Revenge, fear, petri…

Uncle Josh's Punkin Centre Stories

Read by Philip Martin

Cal Stewart

A collection of comedic short stories from the perspective of an old country man. (Summary by Philip Martin)

The Price of Friendship

Read by Philip 'Norvaljoe' Carroll

Philip 'Norvaljoe' Carroll

Chad Baker is in love with Amy Snider, though he doesn't know it. He thinks they're just friends like the rest of the kids in eighth grade. …

Summer Surprise

Read by Philip 'Norvaljoe' Carroll

Philip 'Norvaljoe' Carroll

Chad is in love with Amy. He knows it now, but isn't sure how to deal with it. It's summer vacation before starting high school. Chad has r…

The Battlefield from Afar: Independently Operating Systems and their Compatibili…

In Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict

Read by Markus Wagner


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Human Rights After the Election: A Near Miss or Apocalypse Now?

In Oxford Human Rights Hub Seminars

Read by Adam Wagner


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05 - Uncle Wiggily and the Pulpit-Jack

In Uncle Wiggily in the Woods

Read by Aaron Wagner

Howard R. Garis

Howard Garis, one of the most prolific children's writers of the 20th century, is credited with writing over 1500 Uncle Wiggily stories. In …

Auf den Simplon

In Ausgewählte Gedichte

Read by Jonas Wagner

Adam Oehlenschläger

Adam Oehlenschläger war ein dänischer Dichter, der zu seiner Zeit äußerst populär war, inzwischen aber eher in Ver…

The Lost Ghost

In The Wind in the Rose-Bush, and Other Stories of the Supernatural

Read by Claudia Wagner

Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

This is a collection of short stories by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman. The stories all have different topics, there are mysterious deaths, haunte…

The Fiercest One

In Wilderness Babies

Read by Claudia Wagner

Julia Augusta Schwartz

This book tells the stories of some of the baby mammals of the wilderness,—how they grow and learn day by day to take care of themselves. In…


In Folk-Lore and Legends: Scandinavian

Read by Claudia Wagner

Charles John Tibbits

Thanks to Thiele, to Hylten-Cavallius and Stephens, and to Asbjörnsen and Moe, Scandinavian Folklore is well to the front. Its treasure…

Chapters 10 -12

In The Buttoned Sky

Read by Justin Wagner

Robert W. Krepps

Can you imagine earthly life managed, day in and day out, by tentacled Orbs delivered by glowing buttons from the sky??? Read on and see how…

The Wreck

In The Iceberg Express

Read by Justin Wagner

David Cory

This is the third tale in the Little Journeys to Happy Land series by David Cory author of the Little Jack Rabbit series of children's books…

Ivor Gurney: A Poet born out of War

In "British" World War One Poetry: An Introduction

Read by Philip Lancaster


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FMR 44 Immigration detention: looking at the alternatives

In Forced Migration Review

Read by Philip Amaral


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Grimm Tales Lecture by Philip Pullman

In Exeter College

Read by Philip Pullman


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Department of Social Policy and Intervention Graduate Research Student Conferenc…

In Department of Social Policy and Intervention

Read by Philip Davies


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