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Part I Chapter 5

In The Secret City

Read by KevinS

Hugh Walpole

Written in the first person, The Secret City is a novel in three parts of a journey through post World War I Russia and the Revolution, duri…


In Summer of Love

Read by KevinS

Joyce Kilmer

Joyce KIlmer may yet be an obscure poet had he not had his poem, Trees, published in Poetry in 1913. But, this book precedes that, and show…

The Art of Choosing

In Pee-Wee Harris in Luck

Read by KevinS

Percy Keese Fitzhugh

Another episode in the life of the loveable Pee-Wee Harris, Boy Scout and Boy of Superior Appetite, who always lands on his feet, even when …


In Uncle Wiggily's Automobile

Read by KevinS

Howard R. Garis

The irrepressible Uncle Wiggily falls ill and Dr. Possum prescribes "an automobile drive before every meal". thus Uncle Wiggly bu…

01 - The Existence of a God

In Israel's Faith

Read by KevinS

Nathan Solomon Joseph and George Alexander Kohut

A series of short readings (lessons, if you will) for Jewish youth and others. This book ought not to be viewed as a kind of catechism, but …

Pt 1 Ch 3: The Minor Minor Prophets

In Mountains in the Mist

Read by KevinS

Frank W. Boreham

Frank Boreham was a well known preacher who served in England, Australia, and New Zealand. He published dozens of books and thousands of edi…

Luminous Paint

In Science in Short Chapters

Read by KevinS

W. Mattieu Williams

This is a collection of articles written by W. Mattieu Williams on different subjects, that in his opinion "are likely to be interestin…


In The Rainbow Cat

Read by KevinS

Rose Fyleman

THERE was once a cat which was not in the least like any cat you have ever seen, or I either, for the matter of that. It was a fairy cat, yo…

The Lost Beauty by Tu Fu

In Gems of Chinese Verse

Read by KevinS

Juyi Bai 白居易, Shen Cen 岑參, Zi'ang Chen 陈子昂, Fu Du 杜甫, Bai Li 李白, Haoran Meng 孟浩然, Wei Qui 邱為, Quanqi Shen 沈佺期, Shu Sikong 司空曙, Changling Wang 王昌齡, Wei Wang 王維, Tingyun Wen 溫庭筠, Jiuling Zhang 張九齡, Ji Zhang 張籍 and Various, Translated Byw. J. B. Fletcher

Translations of various Chinese poets' work. - Summary by KevinS

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