Sports & Recreation

Pitching in a Pinch

Read by Lee Smalley

Christy Mathewson

In this book Mathewson is telling the reader of the game as it is played in the Big Leagues.... It’s as good as his pitching and some exciti…

Cycling in the Alps

Read by Phil Benson

C. L. Freeston

A guide to cycling in the European Alps in the days before surfaced roads and automobile tourism. As the author explains, the spectacular vi…

Greek Athletics

Read by Heather Eney

Frederick Adam Wright

The history of Greek athletics as it pertains to the Olympics. Describes various activities such as boxing, wrestling, etc. and accounts fro…

Good Hunting: In Pursuit of Big Game in the West

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most passionate of natural conservationsts having establish five national parks, 18 national monuments, an…

An Angler's Hours

Read by Adrian Praetzellis

Hugh Tempest Sheringham

One of the classic British books about angling. The author’s love was fly fishing—“…while there are trout, life is worth living…” but he was…

Bert's Treatise of Hawkes and Hawking

Read by Curt Walton

Edmund Bert

An approved Treatise of Hawkes and Hawking. Divided into three Bookes. The first teacheth, How to make a short-winged Hawke good, with good …

Forty Seasons of First-Class Cricket

Read by Phil Benson

Richard Gorton Barlow

R. G. "Dick" Barlow was one of the most accomplished all-round cricketers of the late 19th Century. For many years he opened the b…

My Thirty Years In Baseball

Read by Cavaet

John McGraw and John Mcgraw

The autobiography of John Joseph McGraw, another one of the "greats" of baseball. McGraw, along with Casey Stengel, has managed t…

The Birth of Professional Rugby League in Australia: A selection from the Sydne…

Read by Phil Benson

Sydney Morning Herald

In early 1907 the world of Australian rugby was rocked by the news that a professional New Zealand All Blacks team was set to tour the north…

With Swag and Billy: A Guide to Walking Trips in Tourist Districts of New South…

Read by Phil Benson

Henry J. Tompkins

A guide to hikes around Sydney, Australia, from the early years of the twentieth century. In 1895, Henry J. Tompkins and William Mogford Ham…

A Ball Player's Career

Read by Cavaet

Adrian C. Anson

The biography of one of the greatest players that the game of baseball of his era, in his own words. "Cap" Anson, quite probably b…

A Scientific and Practical Treatise on American Football for Schools and Colleg…

Read by Campbell Schelp

Henry L. Williams

Ever wondered how football has changed over the years? Look no further! This selection of rules, positions, and explanations of how football…

Amid the High Hills

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Sir Hugh Fraser

A regular contributor to magazines and periodicals on outdoor pursuits, in this work, Fraser discusses salmon fishing, deer stalking, fauna …

Base-Ball: How to Become a Player

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

John Montgomery Ward

Base-Ball: How to Become a Player is a brief history of the game of baseball, with an explanation of the rules and positions. During the aud…


Read by Clive Catterall

Roger Ascham

Toxophilus is a book about target archery using the English Longbow. The book is divided into two parts: The first part is an extended argum…

The Land of Enchantment: From Pike's Peak to the Pacific

Read by Tatiana Chichilla

Lilian Whiting

Lilian Whiting, renowned journalist and editor, takes the reader on a grand circle tour of the American West. Beginning with Colorado, Ms. W…

Guides to Belle Vue Zoological Gardens 1891-1917

Read by Phil Benson


Guides to the Belle Vue Zoological Gardens from the Chetham's Library Virtual Belle Vue Collection. The Belle Vue gardens opened in 1836 as …

The Complete Golfer

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Harry Vardon

Here is the complete book about golf, as played in the early 1900s. The author was a successful competitive golfer, winning The Open Champio…

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