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The Untroubled Mind

Read by Carol Box

Herbert J. Hall

A very wise physician has said that “every illness has two parts—what it is, and what the patient thinks about it.” What the patient thinks …

The Old-Fashioned Fairy Book

Read by Carol Box

Constance Cary Harrison

"And now, mamma, until your tea is ready, we know what you must do," said the children, in a breath. "Tell us a story—a 'real…

Cymbeline, Act 1 Scene 6

In Shakespearean Dialogues Collection 001

Read by Carol Box

William Shakespeare

This is a collection of scenes from Shakespeare's plays, mainly comprising dialogues between two characters. The theme for this collection i…

37 - Chapter 23 - Part2 - Of evening prayer...

In A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life

Read by Carol Box

William Law

This is one of the greatest devotional books of the Christian faith, inspiring thousands to a closer walk with their Lord. John Wesley was a…

The Perfect Reader

In Christmas Short Works Collection 2013

Read by Carol Box

Christopher Morley

A selection of poems, short stories and other prose for the Christmas season in English, Finnish and German.

For the Fallen

In Short Poetry Collection 125

Read by Carol Box

Robert Laurence Binyon

This is a collection of 29 poems read by LibriVox volunteers for October 2013.