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Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie

Read by William Tomcho

Andrew Carnegie

This autobiography of Andrew Carnegie is a very well written and interesting history of one of the most wealthy men in the United states. He…

Stories of Ships and the Sea

Read by William Tomcho

Jack London

5 Exciting short stories by one of Americas best story tellers (Summary by William Tomcho)

The U-boat Hunters

Read by William Tomcho

James Brendan Connolly

The author takes the listener on a tour of various ships used in WW1. He discusses the boats and the seamen who occupy them and their encoun…

Random Reminiscences of Men and Events

Read by William Tomcho

John D. Rockefeller

A good book by the oil revolutionist of the 20th century. As they say "Men should listen to experience" and this book is all about…

Tales of Folk and Fairies

Read by William Tomcho

Katharine Pyle

In "Tales of Folk and Fairies" Ms. Pyle tells 15 different children's stories from around the world; each more delightful than the…

The Schoolmaster and Other Stories

Read by William Tomcho

Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov, perhaps better known as a world famous classical playwright for works such as "Uncle Vanya" and "The Cherry Or…

Daniel Boone (Thwaites)

Read by William Tomcho

Reuben Gold Thwaites

Daniel Boone was a great hunter, explorer, surveyor, and excellent rifleman; he knew Indians and fought them skillfully. His life was filled…

The Spell of the Hawaiian Islands and the Philippines

Read by William Tomcho

Isabel Anderson

Isabel Anderson has written a most interesting travelogue of Hawaii and The Philippines. Actually it is more of a history lesson. Anyone wit…

Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War

Read by William Tomcho

Frederick A. Talbot

"Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War" is an interesting read of the beginnings of air warfare in World War I. Anyone interested in ea…

Aircraft and Submarines

Read by William Tomcho

Willis J. Abbot

"Aircraft and Submarines" is a history of the development of these forms of transportation and their ultimate use in warfare. Als…

American Men of Mind

Read by William Tomcho

Burton Egbert Stevenson

“American Men of Mind” is a collection of short biographies of men of note in various disciplines. It is an absorbing collection of short bi…

American Men of Action

Read by William Tomcho

Burton Egbert Stevenson

In this book, Burton Egbert Stevenson writes a brief biography of some of the most noteworthy men in American history. He begins at the very…

Explorers and Travellers

Read by William Tomcho

Adolphus W. Greely

“Explorers and Travellers” is a collection of short biographies of some of America’s intrepid explorers. Adolphus W. Greely writes brief but…

The Story of Garfield

Read by William Tomcho

William Gunion Rutherford

A short biography of the 20th U.S. President. Garfield was raised in humble circumstances on an Ohio farm by his widowed mother and elder br…