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Victorian Short Stories of Troubled Marriages

Read by Gina Belmonde


A delightful collection of short stories by some of the luminary authors of the Victorian era. These stories explore the truth behind the V…

Chapter IV

In The Moorland Cottage

Read by Gina Belmonde

Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

"Maggie Brown is torn between her mother who constantly tells her to live for her selfish brother (to whom she gives all her love) to h…

Chapter 10

In The Secret Agent

Read by Gina

conrad_j and Joseph Conrad

The Secret Agent is Conrad's dark, and darkly comic story of a band of spies, anarchists, agents-provocateurs plotting and counter-plotting …

chapter 27

In Felix Holt, The Radical

Read by Gina Marie

George Eliot

"Harold Transome is a landowner who goes against his family's political tradition (much to his mother's distress), while Felix Holt is …

15 - My Faith Looks Up to Thee - Tune: Olivet

In Selections from The Army and Navy Hymnal, Volume 1

Read by Gina Marie


This collection was a joint effort by the chaplains of the US Army and the Navy to meet the needs of divine services conducted in the Army a…

Chapter 11 - Italy

In The History of Prostitution

Read by Gina Marie

William Sanger

Common sense asks for a full investigation of all the evils attending prostitution. In the every-day affairs of life, any man who feels the …


In Practical Religion

Read by Gina Eltora

J. C. Ryle

The present volume contains a series of papers about "practical religion," and treats of the daily duties, dangers, experience, an…

Part 5 Ch 15 - General Affections which should result from these Considerations…

In Introduction to the Devout Life

Read by Gina Eltora

Saint Francis de Sales

First published in the early 17th century, it has proven its value as a daily spiritual guide and helpful reference for living an authentic …

The House of Lords, part 1

In The English Constitution

Read by Gina Eltora

Walter Bagehot

The English Constitution is an extremely accessible work of political and legal science by Walter Bagehot, first published in serialized for…