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The Ice-Maiden: and Other Tales

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Hans Christian Andersen

Short-stories/fairy tales by H. C. Anderson, includes The Ice-maiden -- The Butterfly -- The Psyche -- The Snail and the Rose-treeThe Ice-Ma…

11 - Fanny Brice (The Brat!)

In There's Laughter in the Air! Radio's Top Comedians and Their Best Shows

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Jack Gaver; Dave Stanley, Jack Gaver and Jack Gaveranddave Stanley

There's Laughter in the Air takes readers on a sidesplitting romp through the world of old-time radio comedy. It gives a brief history of th…

The Jellyfish And The Monkey

In Young Folks' Treasury, Volume 2

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Hamilton Wright Mabie

This is the second book in a twelve volume series, and highlights myths and legendary heroes from around the world, from Ancient Greece to S…

Chapter 1

In The Green Carnation

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Robert Smythe Hichens

The Green Carnation, first published anonymously in 1894, was a scandalous novel by Robert Hichens whose lead characters are closely based o…

00 - Introduction

In Kabumpo in Oz

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Ruth Plumly Thompson

Dear children: Do you like Elephants? Do you believe in Giants? And do you love all the jolly people of the Wonderful Land of Oz? Well then …

The Ghost-Extinguisher

In Humorous Ghost Stories

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Dorothy Scarborough

Includes: An introduction by Dorothy Scarborough -- The Canterville ghost / by Oscar Wilde -- The ghost-extinguisher / by Gelett Burgess -- …

King Stork

In The Wonder Clock

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Howard Pyle

"Four and twenty marvellous tales, one for each hour of the day," retold in a novel and entertaining manner by a master of the for…

01 - Chapter I: The Story of Atlantis

In Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic

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Thomas Higginson and Thomas Wentworth Higginson

The sea has always been, by the mystery of its horizon, the fury of its storms, and the variableness of the atmosphere above it, the foreord…

A Matter-of-Fact Fairy Tale

In Happy Days

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A. A. Milne

Although best known for his Winnie the Pooh stories, A.A. Milne spent years as an editor at the English humor magazine Punch. These sprightl…

The Enchantress

In The Mysteries of London Vol. I part 1

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George W. M. Reynolds

The Mysteries of London was a best-selling novel in mid-Victorian England. The first series was published in weekly instalments from 1844-4…

06 - The Six Snubnosed Princesses

In Sky Island (version 2)

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L. Frank Baum

A little girl (Trot) and her friend (Cap'n Bill) team up with a young boy named Button-Bright. Button-Bright had found a magical umbrella in…