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Cultural Frontier: Early 20th Century Vienna

In Alumni Weekend

Read by Bethany Bell, Shearer West, Ritchie Robertson and Jonathan Cross


University of Oxford Podcasts

Alumni Voices

Read by Bethany Bell

Bethany Bell

University of Oxford Podcasts

1.2 Humanities at Oxford University and How Important Cultural Heritage as a The…

In Cultural Heritage Forum

Read by Shearer West


University of Oxford Podcasts

Oxford Union Library Audio Tour

Read by Olivia Cross

Olivia Cross

University of Oxford Podcasts

Freemasons versus Jesuits: Conspiracy Theories in Enlightenment Germany

In Modern Languages

Read by Ritchie Robertson


University of Oxford Podcasts

Anon Time

Read by Craig Robertson

Craig Robertson

What if you weren't who you thought you were, what others saw you to be? What if the structure of time depended on you to keep it steady. …

The Innerglow Effect

Read by Craig Robertson

Craig Robertson

Drug companies continue to come out with powerful new medicines. Some produce wondrous responses while others have unforeseen side effects.…

Write Now! The Prisoner of NaNoWriMo

Read by Craig Robertson

Craig Robertson

Piers Langland is a mild mannered paint salesman with one burning passion. He aspires to be a famous author. Each November he looks forwar…

The Silent Barrier

Read by Mary Herndon Bell

Louis Tracy

Charles K. Spencer is a well-to-do young American mining engineer. Drinking his water in a hotel in London one day, he overhears a conversat…

The Rose Garden Husband

Read by Mary Herndon Bell

Margaret Widdemer

This novel was written by Margaret Widdemer, who won the Pulitzer prize for her collection of poetry in 1919. Phyllis is a 25-years-old chi…


Read by Mary Herndon Bell

George Sand

This is George Sand's first novel. Her real name was Amantine (or Amandine) Lucile Dupin, and she later became baroness Dudevant. As an aris…

Dolly and I: Story for Little Folks

Read by Victoria Alice Bell

Oliver Optic

Katherine Green an envious girl is given a pretty doll by her Aunt Jane. Christmastime is approaching... Nellie Green her sister who is quit…

The Bondage of the Will

Read by Jonathan Lange

Martin Luther

On the Bondage of the Will (Latin: 'De Servo Arbitrio', literally, "On Un-free Will", or "Concerning Bound Choice"), by …

Of the Shortness of Life

Read by Jonathan Hockey

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Seneca the Younger wrote the moral essay "De Brevitate Vitae" — "On the Shortness of Life" — to his friend Paulinus. The…

The Orthodox Faith

Read by Jonathan Lange

Saint John Of Damascus

The Orthodox Faith is the classic epitome of the Early Greek Fathers. Writing just before the last of the truly Ecumenical Councils (787), h…

Concerning Christian Liberty

Read by Jonathan Lange

Martin Luther

Early in the course of the Reformation (1520) Martin Luther penned a trilogy of foundational documents addressing the Church, the Nobility a…

Children of Rhatlan

Read by Jonathan Fesmire

Jonathan Fesmire

Garum and Vayin are "duals," twins trapped in each other's minds and bodies, sharing one life. When a deranged wizard hunts them, …

Commentary on Galatians

Read by Jonathan Lange

St. John Chrysostom

St. Chrysostom’s Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians is continuous, according to chapter and verse, instead of being arranged in Homi…

Treatise on Christ and Antichrist

Read by Jonathan Lange

Hippolytus Of Rome

In this late second century treatise, Hippolytus gives an excellent summary of Early Christian thinking on the subject of the antichrist. Fa…