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The Theory and Practice of Brewing

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Michael Combrune

This is an elaborate treatise on how to brew beer. That art is as noble today as it was in 1761, when this book was first published, and Mr.…

The London and Country Brewer

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The unknown author of this book, appears to have experienced too many unwholesome and unpleasant beers and ales on his numerous travels in L…

Twenty-Five Cent Dinners for Families of Six

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Juliet Corson

Juliet Corson has put together a few books on economic housekeeping, and this is a fine example. Almost 150 years after publication (1878), …

Many Ways for Cooking Eggs

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Sarah Tyson Heston Rorer

Eggs are incredible versatile, there are so many ways to cook and season eggs, and they make a great meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. …

The Chemistry of Cookery

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W. Mattieu Williams

This book, written in the late 1800s, is a book of chemistry that explains the whys and hows of cooking to trained chefs and laymen alike. T…

Canned Fruit, Preserves, and Jellies: Household Methods of Preparation

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Maria Parloa

Fruit is a favourite with many of us. But if you have fruit in your garden or collect it otherwise, you know that the season ends too soon. …

The Cooking Manual of Practical Directions for Economical Every-Day Cookery

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Juliet Corson

Food is one of the necessities but also one of the greatest pleasures. Knowing how to cook a good meal is therefore extremely important for …

The Stag Cook Book

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Carroll Mac Sheridan

This book is dedicated to "that great host of bachelors and benedicts alike who have at one time or another tried to 'cook something': …

A Poetical Cook-Book

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Maria J. Moss

This is an interesting mix of recipes and poetry about cookery and food. The author has written this book during and in the aftermath of the…

Dr. Allinson's cookery book

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Thomas Richard Allinson

This is a cookbook promoting vegetarian recipes. The author of the book, Dr. Thomas Allinson, had strong views about health issues - he prom…

Cakes & Ale, A Dissertation on Banquets Interspersed with Various Recipes, More…

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Edward Spencer

A long time ago, an estimable lady fell at the feet of an habitual publisher, and prayed unto him:—“Give, oh! give me the subject of a book …

A Course of Lectures on the Principles of Domestic Economy and Cookery

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Juliet Corson

"This course of lectures is designed to meet the wants of two classes of persons: First—Those who are experienced housekeepers, familia…

Ice Creams, Water Ices, Frozen Puddings

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Sarah Tyson Heston Rorer

This is a book of recipes for ice cream, water ice, and other refreshments for all occasions. Though it has become much easier for us to mak…

Oysters and Fish

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Thomas J. Murrey

Would it not be beneficial, were the average American to substitute fish for the everlasting steak and chop of the breakfast-table?For the s…

How to Grow the Peanut: and 105 Ways of Preparing It for Human Consumption

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George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver, in his most famous work, explains how to grow peanuts, the benefits of using them, and 105 recipes that incorporat…


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Alexis Soyer

Soyer was a 'celebrity chef', devising innovations such as water-cooled refrigerators and adjustable temperature ovens. He developed many po…

The Vegetarian Cook Book

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E. G. Fulton

Cookbook from the era of John Kellogg, whose vegetarian meat substitutes Protose and Nuttolene are featured heavily in this volume. Producti…

A Treatise on Foreign Teas

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Hugh Smith

What would England be without tea? It is difficult to imagine, but there was a time in which tea was not quite as ubiquitous in Europe as it…

The Book of Ices, Ice Beverages, Ice-Creams and Ices

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Mrs. H. Llewellyn Williams

Summer is around the corner, time to make ice cream! This volume contains tried and true recipes for all kinds of cold drinks and desserts t…

The Complete Confectioner

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Hannah Glasse

The original version of Hannah Glasse’s ‘The Complete Confectioner’ was first produced about 1760 but the publication referenced here is fro…

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